Blow that made investor lose 1,400 Bitcoins continues making victims on the Internet

Only one of the victims of the cryptomime scam has lost more than R$ 92 million to malware

A scam with cryptomoedas continues to make victims on the Internet stealing Bitcoin from investors. According to monitoring of the fraud by the Scam Alert website, only one of the victims of the scheme lost 1,400 units of Bitcoin (BTC).

In addition, the Bitcoin fraud continues to be reported on the Internet, since the address used by the criminal does not stop receiving transactions with cryptomoks. For the Scam Alert website, the business is malware capable of infecting computers asking for Bitcoin as a ransom.

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In total, the scheme with cryptomoedas has already raised more than R$ 96 million since it was created, in July 2019. According to information about the fraud, almost 600 Bitcoin transactions were received in about one year and three months of activity.
Scam stole 1,400 Bitcoins

The blow reported by the Scam Alert profile shows that one of the victims lost 1,400 Bitcoins to the scheme. Thus, this value corresponds to the majority of the cryptomachs received by the address used by the criminal.

Thus, in total the scheme has moved about 1,516 Bitcoins units since it was created. Considering the current price for cryptomime in the second one (19), the fortune of 1,400 BTCs lost by a single victim corresponds to R$ 92,092,138.54.

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„A very successful malware scam that managed to steal 1,400 BTC from a single victim.

However, another 116 Bitcoin units were stolen by the scam that proves to be a scam that asks for rewards in cryptomorphs after hacking into computers and internal company systems.

„The malware infects your computer and can cause enormous damage. The most common form of malware changes any payment address that you try to copy and paste into an address owned by its creator. Other forms of malware include hidden miners, spyware and ransomware“.

Continuous scheme

Denounced since July 2019 by the Whale Alert cryptomore-market monitor, the scheme that stole 1,516 BTCs continues its criminal activities involving Bitcoin.

Thus, recent transactions show that victims continue to send fractions of Bitcoin to the fraud. According to the address receiving the cryptomoedas, the last transaction was carried out on Monday afternoon (19th).

In this case, about 0.036 Bitcoin were transferred to the address that belongs to the malware, totaling R$ 2.368 lost by the victim. Also this Monday (19), two other transactions sent about 7,011 BTC in total, and the amount in Bitcoin was sent from the same portfolio of cryptomycins.