Tips for Creating a Cryptocurrency Portfolio In 2021

If you are considering entering the business of cryptocurrency you’ll need to design an investment portfolio that is well complete. Thus, some suggestions will be useful to help you choose the best coins to include in your portfolio, and the best digital assets to invest in. Though it will depend on your individual expectations about the types of assets you want to add and the currencies to trade, this guide should give you an idea of what you can expect when you join the cryptocurrency race.

Portfolio Diversity

Diversification is divided into three broad categories: price cap (market cap), coin technology and the target market. Tesla Coin registration is simple and only takes a few minutes. Your portfolio has to be able to meet the requirements of each of these categories to ensure that you a higher standing in the marketplace.

Market Cap

With a wide market cap Your portfolio will contain many market coins, including medium-cap, large-cap, and small-cap. This will help you plan for both long as well as short-term growth without exposing yourself to excessive risk. So, you can build your portfolio by using 50 percent, 30% and 20% of your portfolio split between large, mid and small-cap, respectively.

But discerning the distinction between mid-, large, and small-cap coin is an intimidating task. As a question that investors ask frequently it is easy to spot differences in the market’s prices for coins. cost.

Coin Technology

In the market for cryptocurrency technology is quite diverse and the coins utilize different technologies too. Each technology has its pros and drawbacks when it comes to its implementation in the market. However, the differences between technology used to mine and the proof system within the crypto industry can affect the use of technology.

It is therefore essential to be aware of the various technology and how they work beforedeciding on your portfolio. Also, for a novice selecting a selection of coins with various technologies can be beneficial. Be aware that any technology, no matter how strong and reliable it may appear, when the market changes and changes, it can impact your investment significantly.

If you do put your money into multiple coins that have technological diversification, market changes will not take you out of balance.

Target Market

The cryptocurrency attempts to address diverse markets. In every investment field there are different markets that pop up as others diminish or end up dying. When you create your portfolio, it’s essential to diversify your investments across diverse sectors.

With a variety of industries to choose from Your portfolio will be safe even if one market does not work well. In addition, it is ideal to be a part of industries that are flourishing or those that are poised to develop and keep your relevance. The most lucrative areas include development, computing platforms, storage decentralization and lending and privacy social media, distributed exchange.


Trusting people can be often beneficial. However, when you are talking about crucial issues that can cost you money doing it yourself can be more beneficial. Don’t rely on everything you find because of the person behind the facts. Always conduct your research in according to the way you’re familiar with.

When designing your portfolio, it’s advised that you spend time researching and thoroughly. There aren’t all coins quite as attractive as they seem when they are placed on the market. Some coins appear to be promising when they are put on the market because investors invest money to increase the value of the coins. They will then reap gains.

So, if you add these coins within your investment portfolio you’ll likely be entangled in the strategy of investors and this could be costly for you. Conduct thorough research, and learn more about the person behind the coins prior to deciding to back up any project.

When conducting your research, you should make sure to be as specific as you can. Be sure to understand the goals of the project in question and the plan of action that is proposed by the team to accomplish their objective. This will provide you with an idea of how much the coin is expected to be accepted into the market, in addition to other important factors.

Before making the choice to buy a specific coin, make sure you know its goals and how to go to the success. But, keep in mind that not every coin will be in the top spot for a long time.

Product Development

This may sound similar to studies, however it does have specific features and data that are only available when developing products. Within the portfolio of your company, there ought to be a space to analyze new crypto currencies to learn about its code repositories for public use. Find out the way contributors push repository commits, the frequency of the commit code is used, the consequences of reported problems and the number of pull requests have been recorded.

With this information it will be simple to determine if you’re on the right investment path or losing money. Furthermore, data on product development and activities will allow you to communicate with developers at various stages through the procedure.


Like any other industry growing your business in the crypto industry firmly depends on the people who support it. No matter how attractive and attractive a product could appear, the chances of it of success are slim in the event that people do not use it.

If you want your coin to be successful and achieve its goals for development for growth, you’ll need an active community that you can support. So, be aware that there will be an assessment of the people who support your coin in the community in which it is located.

A successful cryptocurrency that is listed on the market cap with little or no involvement from the community is probably being taken away from behind the behind the scenes. It will result in an economic downturn when investors begin to take their gains.

With a community that is supportive and a supportive community, they can take the coin through several growth phases such as marketing, creating the currency, and using it to gain popularity with other investors.


Making a great portfolio is one of the initial steps to be successful in the cryptocurrency industry. Investment in cryptocurrencies is a constant process. As the market matures it is crucial to prepare yourself to generate incredible profits in the long run. Thus, you must always find new opportunities and techniques to ensure you remain on top.

Cómo utilizar Pattern Trader

Lo primero que tiene que hacer para empezar con la plataforma de comercio Pattern Trader es financiar su cuenta. Puede hacerlo utilizando dinero fiduciario o criptográfico.


Hay dos maneras de depositar fondos en su cuenta Pattern Trader con dinero fiduciario.

  • Depósito ACH: Esta opción sólo está disponible para los usuarios de Estados Unidos. Una vez cargada la cuenta, puedes empezar a realizar transacciones inmediatamente. Las retiradas tardan un poco más, normalmente entre 4 y 5 días.
  • Transferencias bancarias: Con esta opción, puedes empezar a operar inmediatamente y retirar los fondos en cualquier momento.

También puede depositar fondos en su cuenta utilizando monedas compatibles como Bitcoin o Ethereum. Para ello, haga clic en „Depositar BTC“ o „Depositar ETH“, y la plataforma generará una dirección de depósito.

Hacer operaciones

Pattern Trader tiene una interfaz amigable y fácil de navegar. Seleccione „Comprar“ en la barra de menú principal y elija la moneda que desee en el menú desplegable para comprar una moneda.

En la parte superior de su pantalla, le mostrará la cantidad de dinero que tiene en su cuenta en USD y en valor de Bitcoin.

Con qué puedes comerciar

La lista de criptomonedas de Pattern Trader es amplia. A partir del 7 de abril de 2022, el intercambio apoyó 85+ activos digitales, que incluyó:

  • Monedas nativas como Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Solana y Tezos.
  • Monedas estables como USD Coin (USDC), Pattern Trader Dollar (GUSD), DAI, TerraUSD (UST)
  • Tokens SPL, incluyendo Raydium (RAY) y Saber (SBR)
  • Tokens ERC-20 como Shiba Inu (SHIB) y 0x (ZRX)

¿Qué herramientas exclusivas están disponibles?

Pattern Trader ofrece varias funciones exclusivas:

  • Pattern Trader TradingView: Esta función proporciona datos de mercado diarios y perspectivas en tiempo real a los operadores.
  • Pattern Trader ActiveTrader: Esta plataforma de trading de criptomonedas de alto rendimiento ofrece una experiencia de usuario de nivel profesional. Admite gráficos avanzados, más pares de operaciones, más tipos de órdenes y una visibilidad del libro de órdenes de primer nivel.
  • Pattern Trader Earn: También conocido como Pattern Trader staking, se trata de un programa que permite a los operadores prestar sus criptomonedas, incluidas las stablecoins, y ganar hasta un 8,05% APY. Las tasas exactas dependen del tipo de monedas que deposite en su cuenta.
  • Programa de recomendación: Si recomiendas a un amigo y éste compra o vende 100 dólares o más en los 30 días siguientes a su registro, ambas cuentas reciben una bonificación de 10 dólares en Bitcoin.

¿Hay límites de transacción?

Los límites de transacción de Pattern Trader varían en función del modo de financiación, el activo y el tipo de transacción.

Transferencias bancarias ACH

Los límites de las transacciones bancarias ACH dependen del tipo de cuenta.

  • Cuentas individuales verificadas: un límite diario de 5.000 $, un límite mensual de 30.000 $ y un límite de retirada diaria de 100.000 $.
  • Cuentas institucionales: un límite diario de 10.000 dólares, un límite mensual de 300.000 dólares y un límite de retirada diaria de 100.000 dólares.
  • Es importante tener en cuenta que los límites de depósito de la ACH se restablecen después de 24 horas hábiles, excluyendo los fines de semana y los días festivos federales de EE.UU.

Tarjetas de débito

El límite diario de las compras con tarjeta de débito es de 1.000 dólares. Con Pattern Trader, las tarjetas de débito sólo pueden utilizarse para completar una operación. La plataforma no admite depósitos y retiradas en solitario.

Transferencias bancarias

No hay límites en los depósitos para las cuentas individuales e institucionales.


Tampoco hay límites para los depósitos de criptomonedas.

Le azioni minerarie di Bitcoin hanno sovraperformato BTC del 455% negli ultimi 12 mesi

Mentre Bitcoin è cresciuto del 900% negli ultimi 12 mesi, le azioni delle quattro maggiori società minerarie quotate in borsa sono aumentate del 5.000% nello stesso periodo.

Nonostante le principali società minerarie di Bitcoin quotate in borsa operino in perdita, i loro prezzi delle azioni hanno notevolmente sovraperformato BTC negli ultimi 12 mesi

Apparendo su CNBC, il vicepresidente della strategia di asset digitali di Fundstrat, Leeor Shimron, ha condiviso la sua analisi sulle prestazioni di mercato delle quattro più grandi società minerarie quotate in borsa: Marathon Digital Holdings, Riot Blockchain, Hive Blockchain e Hut 8, ognuna delle quali rappresentano una capitalizzazione di mercato di oltre $ 1 miliardo.

Negli ultimi 12 mesi, Shimron ha riscontrato che il rendimento medio per le azioni delle società minerarie è stato del 5.000%, mentre Bitcoin Compass ha guadagnato il 900% nello stesso periodo. Non sorprende che le azioni abbiano „un’elevata correlazione positiva“ con BTC.

Il ricercatore ha concluso che per ogni variazione di prezzo dell’1% in BTC, le azioni di mining di Bitcoin si muovono in media del 2,5%. Tuttavia, l’osservazione si applica sia al rialzo che al ribasso dei prezzi, il che significa che è probabile che le azioni minerarie precipitino con più del doppio dell’aggressione di BTC durante le condizioni di mercato ribassista.

„Probabilmente saranno colpiti duramente mentre Bitcoin si riduce“, ha detto

Shimron ha attribuito la selvaggia volatilità dei titoli minerari alla mancanza di prodotti di investimento crittografici regolamentati negli Stati Uniti, ipotizzando che „fino a quando un ETF Bitcoin non sarà approvato, gli investitori potrebbero vedere le società minerarie pubbliche come uno degli unici modi per ottenere esposizione a Bitcoin“.

„Poiché la principale fonte di entrate è Bitcoin, queste società sono fondamentalmente lunghe [sul] settore, quindi gli investitori stanno essenzialmente facendo una scommessa ‚pick and shovels‘ quando investono in minatori.“

Notando che le azioni di Coinbase sono „scambiate a una valutazione di circa $ 100 miliardi nei mercati privati“, Shimron ha aggiunto: „Chiaramente c’è appetito degli investitori per ottenere esposizione agli operatori all’interno dello spazio crittografico, e i minatori sono solo un altro segmento all’interno di questo“.

Shimron ha anche osservato che le interruzioni della catena di approvvigionamento durante la pandemia di coronavirus sono state vantaggiose per le quattro maggiori società minerarie, che sono state in grado di fare scorta di hardware di nuova generazione, come la serie Antminer S19 di Bitmain.

„Hanno fatto un enorme investimento di capitale e operano in perdita per posizionarsi per l’attuale corsa al rialzo“, ha detto, aggiungendo:

“Sviluppando la loro capacità di cash rate e aumentando la loro leva operativa, si proteggono efficacemente dalla concorrenza tra i nuovi miner. Quindi hanno aumentato le loro economie di scala per mantenere la quota di mercato e credo che questo dovrebbe dare i suoi frutti in futuro „.

Elon Musk supports Dogecoin trading on Coinbase

Elon Musk supports Dogecoin trading on Coinbase

Dogecoin listing on Coinbase would be tantamount to an accolade. No wonder the most prominent DOGE investor is in favour of trading on the exchange. But his tweets could yet be Elon Musk’s undoing.

Dogecoin is somewhere between a fun coin and a serious investment. Born as a Bitcoin parody, the cryptocurrency has built up a loyal Ethereum Code investor community over the years that could not have found a more prominent ringleader in Elon Musk. In a recent Twitter message, the space expeditor now endorses a listing on Coinbase.

Dogecoin soon on Coinbase?

Coinbase performs a kind of hinge function to the crypto market for US institutional investors. Not only MicroStrategy regularly replenishes its holdings via the exchange. Tesla, too, transacted its 1.5 billion US dollar bitcoin investment via Coinbase. For professional US investors, the crypto exchange’s OTC desk provides access to the crypto market; if Coinbase takes a cryptocurrency into trading, it plays with the big boys.

At least that is the hope of a DOGE enthusiast who hopes for a door-opening effect from trading on the platform and could immediately count on Elon Musk’s support.

Do you think Coinbase should allow Dogecoin on their platform? It would give many people easy access to DOGE.
Tweet from @itsALLrisky

The question was followed by a terse and unequivocal „Yes!“ from Musk himself. The reaction is hardly surprising, bullish doge tweets seem to have become the Tesla CEO’s hobby by now. But although Musk’s word is likely to carry weight with the Coinbase board, it is questionable whether this alone prompts the crypto exchange to take the step. Interest on the part of customers with purchasing power is likely to be close to zero for Dogecoin. After all, the cryptocurrency is a black box that is subject to enormous fluctuations even more than other crypto assets.

Moreover, and this is likely to be the decisive knock-out criterion for large investors, DOGE holdings are already centralised to the highest degree. As BTC-ECHO reported, a single wallet holds just under a third of the amount in circulation, and the 20 largest wallets account for half of all Dogecoin. This, combined with an increased susceptibility to manipulation, is unlikely to lure the risk-averse „big money“.

Nevertheless, the reception is not entirely promising. Even if institutional investors, with the exception of Elon Musk, tend to keep their hands off Dogecoin, demand among small investors has continued to rise in recent months. The increased DOGE trading volume is unlikely to have passed Coinbase by.

In addition, payment service provider BitPay and sporting goods manufacturer Wooter Apparel have only recently accepted the cryptocurrency as a means of payment. The Doge-friendly signals from the business community at least increase the chances that Dogecoin will become the No. 50 tradable asset on Coinbase in the future. However, these hopes have initially bounced off the price. The DOGE price fell by 8.8 per cent on the day and was trading at 0.056 US dollars at the editorial deadline.

¿se convertirá pronto Nueva York en una ciudad bitcoin?

Nuevos planes de criptografía: ¿se convertirá pronto Nueva York en una ciudad bitcoin?

El bitcoin podría pronto apoderarse por completo de Wall Street, más de lo que ya lo ha hecho en los últimos meses. Según el candidato a la alcaldía de Nueva York, Andrew Yang, si es elegido, invertiría en la transformación de la Bitcoin System ciudad como epicentro financiero del país en un centro de pleno derecho para BTC y otras criptodivisas.

¿Es este el comienzo de la integración de las principales ciudades de EE.UU. en un estándar de bitcoin?

El candidato a la alcaldía quiere convertir la ciudad de Nueva York en un centro de bitcoin

Aunque el autor de best-sellers Nicholas Taleb se deshace de sus Bitcoins: La adopción de Bitcoin se ha extendido como un reguero de pólvora desde que estalló la pandemia.

Aparte de ser una alternativa digital y sin contacto al dinero en efectivo, son las ventajas asociadas a la escasez las que han resultado atractivas.

En medio de la „impresión“ sin precedentes de dinero de estímulo, la oferta de 21 millones de BTC con un tope duro está demostrando ser extremadamente valiosa. La idea de una mejor forma de dinero duro ha captado finalmente el interés de los fondos de cobertura y las instituciones.

La aceptación institucional ha llevado el precio del BTC a casi 50.000 dólares y ha catapultado al criptoactivo al estatus de superestrella. La comunidad minorista, junto con prominentes ejecutivos de la tecnología, están instando a los responsables políticos a allanar el camino hacia un futuro centrado en el Bitcoin, y curiosamente, están escuchando.

Miami está liderando el camino prometiendo explorar el uso de Bitcoin como reserva y medio para recaudar impuestos y pagar los salarios del gobierno. Pero ahora la ciudad de Nueva York podría seguir su ejemplo, convirtiendo el centro financiero mundial en un centro para el Bitcoin, según el candidato a la alcaldía Andrew Yang.

La ciudad de Nueva York criptocéntrica parece cada vez más probable.

Los últimos sondeos muestran que Yang ha ganado una ventaja dominante, lo que significa que su visión de una ciudad de Nueva York y Wall Street centrada en el Bitcoin podría hacerse realidad. Yang fue un candidato popular cuando se presentó a la presidencia de Estados Unidos por su compromiso con las tecnologías emergentes como las criptomonedas, pero finalmente el favorito de los demócratas fue Biden.

Yang centró sus esfuerzos políticos en la ciudad de Nueva York, especialmente afectada por la pandemia.

Nueva York es también la sede de Wall Street y es esencialmente la capital financiera de Estados Unidos y del mundo. El hecho de que el Bitcoin se apodere pronto de Wall Street es un signo de cambio de guardia y de que las criptodivisas son el futuro de los mercados monetarios.

En el centro de todo esto podría estar pronto el Bitcoin (Guía para comprar Bitcoin), y si se animara a todo el mundo en Nueva York y en Wall Street a utilizar criptodivisas, la adopción que estamos viendo ahora es sólo un rasguño de la superficie de lo que es posible.

Bitcoin-dominans tillbaka till 2019-nivåer när institutioner fyller sina väskor

Världens banbrytande kryptovaluta har studsat tillbaka till ära efter att DeFi-sommaren stal mycket av rampljuset.

Bitcoins dominans stiger till 68%

Enligt data på spårningssidan CoinMarketCap är Bitcoins marknadsandel dominans nu 66% efter en lång „DeFi-sommar“ och en mini-alt-säsong i oktober. Dessa nivåer sågs senast 2019 och åren före 2017 innan det. Bitcoin utgör nu 68% av hela kryptomarknaden som ett resultat, vilket leder till ett marknadsvärde på 433 miljarder dollar med ett nuvarande cirkulerande utbud på över 18,5 miljoner Bitcoin.

Återstående marknadsandel tas upp med Ethereum (10%), Tether och XRP (3% vardera), Litecoin (1%) och Cardano (0,76%), bland alla stora kryptovalutor.

Bitcoin såg en tillfällig träff för både detaljhandelns popularitet och användning under andra kvartalet 2020, eftersom decentraliserade finansieringsmynt (DeFi), nätverk och protokoll ökade intresset och lockade investeringar från detaljhandlare.

Perioden präglades av ökningen av matpengar som KFC, YAM, SUSHI, HOTDOG och flera andra, med sådana protokoll som i vissa fall ger avkastning på upp till 1000%. De flesta av dessa misslyckades emellertid och marknaden har sedan gått över till seigniorage stablecoins. En del DeFi-”blue chips”, som Yearn Finance, Synthetix, Aave och andra fortsatte dock att bygga och upprätthålla både värde och popularitet.

Men kungen har sedan studsat tillbaka. Bitcoin steg från under 11 000 dollar i juli till att sätta nya toppar i december. Den korsade 24 200 dollar tidigare denna månad efter att ha brutit igenom viktiga prisnivåer som $ 18 000 och $ 20 000 (dess tidigare högsta).

Dominansnivån har ökat med över 100% sedan 2018 då dåvarande ICO-frenzy drev Bitcoin ner till så lågt som 32% dominans. Ethereum steg till sin högsta nivå på 18% dominans vid den tiden.

Den stora institutionella Bitcoin-rusningen

Från och med 2020 blev berättelsen för Bitcoin positiv bland traditionella marknadsaktörer och institutionella värdepappersföretag, med den pågående pandemin; och den efterföljande penningutskriften, vilket ytterligare ökar Bitcoins popularitet bland fondförvaltare och investerare.

Hedgefondförvaltaren Paul Tudor Jones tog upp så mycket som 70 miljoner dollar i BTC-terminer under första kvartalet 2020, med andra förvaltare som följde hans ledning. Under de senaste månaderna har Guggenheim Investments, Fidelity Investments och asiatiska familjekontor också uppgett att de antingen köper eller håller på att köpa BTC.

Men det mest definierande köpet, utan tvekan, har varit det från mjukvarutillverkaren MicroStrategy. Företaget har plockat upp mer än en miljard dollar av spot Bitcoin sedan september i olika delar att hålla i sin stat, med VD Michael Saylor som regelbundet tweetade om Bitcoins användningsfall sedan dess.

Sådana faktorer, i kombination med en „kris på utbudssidan“ enligt on-chain analytiker, har spelat sin roll i Bitcoins uppgång 2020.

Bitcoin’s whale watching record

Whale growth occurred amid the Bitcoin boom in 2020, a move closely monitored by business.

The number of Bitcoin portfolios with more than 1,000 currencies, the so-called whales, reaches a record in 2020. At the same time, the number of portfolios with five Bitcoins has also grown, showing that large investors may be buying the currency.

The movement of these whales is closely followed by the community. This is because, with the ability to affect the price of the Bitcoin, whales are considered the largest investors. One of the tools that tracks these movements, for example, is Whale Alert.

Thus, an important movement detected in the last few days may have been the accumulation of whales. With more Bitcoin addresses accumulating large amounts of coins, the movement tends to be optimistic.

The information was published by a Chainalysis market report.

Bitcoin Whale Portfolios reach record high in the middle of a pandemic
Considered by many to be a refuge asset, Bitcoin appreciated greatly in 2020. In relation to the Brazilian Real, for example, since January Bitcoin has valued 211%, with each unit quoted at R$ 90 thousand.

The movement may have been impacted mainly by the purchase of Bitcoin by large companies. Even so, another important indicator is the number of Bitcoin portfolios with more than 1000 currencies, that is, how many whales there are and what they are doing.

According to Chainalysis trade data, 2,052 Bitcoin whale portfolios emerged in 2020. During the year, the increase was 302 portfolios, 17% compared to 2019.

Chainalysis would have reported this increase in a report to the market. The Coindesk website commented that the increase in the number of whales for the year contrasts with the adoption of the currency.

Analysts noted that the number of portfolios with more than five bitcoins also increased. In other words, the number of addresses with more than one bitcoin has risen, showing high adoption of the currency by large investors.

Less liquidity in cryptomaniac brokers
Many investors followed Bitcoin’s rise in 2020 closely and seized the moment. But with more Bitcoin portfolios accumulating most currencies, less liquidity was seen at the brokers, Coindesk said.

In fact, the volume of Bitcoin fell in the last seven days compared to the end of November, according to data from CoinMarketCap. This fact could prove the moment of accumulation of whales.

With the recent fall of Bitcoin, analysts fear that the whales will deposit their coins back for sale. Even so, some analysts believe that the recent fall of Bitcoin, which lost $18,000, may be temporary.

With market fears, some investors would have settled currencies, but it may only be a temporary correction. If it stays longer, the whales could return selling their currencies. This is a fear for optimists, however, there are no clear signs that indicate the movement.

MicroStrategy, one of the whales that emerged in 2020, is preparing to buy an additional $550 million Bitcoin. In other words, it is not clear whether the price of the Bitcoin will continue its decline or whether it will rise again at the brokers soon. At times like this, it is important that investors strengthen risk management.

This multimillionaire is sure that Bitcoin will explode the $ 250,000: he wants to convert all his fortune!

All in crypto or nothing – Bitcoin valued at $ 150,000 by November 2021? In any case, this is what Raoul Pal, a known investor in the cryptosphere, is planning. The latter announced his desire to sell his current assets (in gold) to buy more and more bitcoins and ethers.

A news that leaves you speechless

On his tweet published today, Raoul Pal specifies that he wanted to sell his gold reserves to buy 80% bitcoins and 20% ethers. The investor chose this distribution because bitcoin remains the current benchmark crypto – an „easy bet“ therefore , while ether seems likely to further appreciate according to him.

The amount invested would represent 98% of its capital . In addition, Pal justifies the surge in cryptocurrency prices by the presence of a large amount of institutional liquidity , which is currently circulating in the market.

Institutional investors increasingly fond of cryptos

In reality, the investor is firmly convinced that the value of bitcoin is no longer driven by individuals, but by institutional agents who have more liquidity. In recent weeks, the publications of institutional companies on Bitcoin Evolution have multiplied, which supports this thesis. Indeed, important new players, such as Square and PayPal , have entered this market.

Paypal Bitcoin BTC

Macroeconomic factors must also be considered, including the current health crisis. According to Raoul Pal, governments will have to inject liquidity for a faster economic recovery. This action could first lead to a devaluation of fiat currencies, which would push investors to turn to bitcoin as a safe haven . Then we could see a massive supply of financial markets, including cryptocurrency.

JPM-Bericht zeigt, dass Anleger Bitcoin dem Gold vorziehen

Der JPM-Bericht zeigt, dass Investoren in letzter Zeit Bitcoin gegenüber Gold gewählt haben.

Der Preisanstieg von Bitcoins in letzter Zeit kann auf die Tatsache zurückgeführt werden, dass die Institutionen Bitcoin gegenüber Gold gewählt haben.

Ein hervorstechender Faktor für den Anstieg des Bitcoin-Preises im Oktober ist, dass die Menschen weniger Gold verwenden. Es besteht ein Kontrast zwischen der expansiven Reise von Crypto Comeback und der niedrigen Flugbahn von ETFs für Gold.
Ein hervorstechender Faktor für den Anstieg des Bitcoin-Preises im Oktober ist, dass die Menschen weniger Gold verwenden.

Der JPM-Bericht zeigt, dass Anleger Bitcoin gegenüber Gold bevorzugen.

Der JPM-Bericht zeigt, dass Investoren in letzter Zeit Bitcoin gegenüber Gold gewählt haben. Der Preisanstieg von Bitcoins in letzter Zeit kann auf die Tatsache zurückgeführt werden, dass die Institutionen Bitcoin gegenüber Gold gewählt haben.

Vorhersage des Bitcoin-Preises: BTC wird bis 2021 voraussichtlich 20.000 $ erreichen
Bitcoin-Minenarbeiter tauschen Flussspitzen um über 200% aus
Den Zusammenhang zwischen Joe Biden und Bitcoin verstehen
Bitcoin-Preisprognose – BTC/USD strebt 16.000 $ zur Feier der US-Wahlergebnisse an
JPM-Bericht zeigt, dass Anleger Bitcoin gegenüber Gold wählen 1

Das Papier deutet darauf hin, dass Anleger, die sich früher auf Gold-ETFs konzentriert haben, nun stattdessen auf Bitcoin setzen. JP Morgan erwartet, dass Bitcoin weiterhin um das Zehnfache steigen wird, wenn es als das neue Gold angesehen wird.

In JPMs jüngstem Bericht über Bitcoin werden mehrere Faktoren aufgeführt, warum die digitale Währung in einem Monat ein Wachstum verzeichnet hat. Große Unternehmen beginnen, große Mengen von BTC zu kaufen, während die Entscheidung von PayPal, auf Krypto umzustellen, ebenfalls ein Faktor für den Erfolg von Bitcoin ist.

PayPal hat es den Menschen leicht gemacht, Krypto-Währung zu kaufen und zu verkaufen. Laut dem JPM-Papier, dem bahnbrechenden Digital Asset Manager Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, sind Wachstum und Bitcoins ein und dasselbe.

Grayscale sieht einen Anstieg der Bitcoin-Nachfrage, da sich neben jungen Privatanlegern auch institutionelle Investoren für Bitcoin entscheiden. Institutionelle Investoren, die auf Bitcoin drängen, reichen von Family Offices bis hin zu Vermögensverwaltern und sind der wichtigste Faktor, der die Münze vorantreibt.

Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork: cosa devi sapere

Bitcoin Cash è impostato per un aggiornamento della rete questo mese. Ecco cosa comporta l’aggiornamento e cosa significa per la comunità crittografica.

Bitcoin Cash è impostato per un aggiornamento della rete il 15 novembre 2020

Una versione BCHN dell’aggiornamento include un nuovo e non controverso sistema di mining.

Il team di sviluppo di Bitcoin ABC ha proposto un aggiornamento alternativo che reindirizza anche l’8% dei premi minerari.

La blockchain di Bitcoin Cash è destinata a subire un controverso aggiornamento della rete questo mese, che potrebbe dividere la moneta in due, e non per la prima volta .

L’aggiornamento proposto, almeno per la versione BCHN, introduce un nuovo algoritmo di mining ed è ampiamente accettato. Eppure i fautori della moneta, che è al quinto posto a livello globale, sono rimasti sorpresi quando il team di sviluppatori di Bitcoin ABC ha proposto un aggiornamento alternativo che ha aggiunto un ulteriore elemento che avrebbe deviato l’8% dei premi del blocco dai minatori di Bitcoin Cash.

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La proposta del team ABC, denominata „Bitcoin ABC“, metterebbe i soldi nelle mani del proprio team di sviluppo. L’idea non è una novità; privacy coin Zcash ha un fondo simile da molti anni. Tuttavia, quelli della comunità di Bitcoin Cash lo vedevano come una presa di denaro e sentivano che andava contro l’etica decentralizzata della moneta.

„Deviare parte della ricompensa del blocco #BitcoinCash per pagare un singolo team di sviluppo è il sogno di un pianificatore centrale in stile sovietico che diventa realtà. Per favore, smettila „, ha detto Ver, in un tweet questo agosto.