FTX to Relaunch: Former Customers Get Stake in Exchange

• FTX is planning to relaunch the exchange and provide former customers with a stake.
• Court documents suggest that the new FTX CEO, John J. Ray III, is actively working on potential restructuring plans.
• In an April 12th hearing at a Delaware bankruptcy court, FTX attorneys discussed the roadmap going forward and revealed plans for a potential relaunch.

FTX Relaunching Exchange

FTX is considering plans to relaunch the exchange – and to give former customers a stake. The announcement made the FTT token shoot through the roof. FTX attorneys revealed a roadmap, expected customer bar dates, and more following its bankruptcy in November 2022.

New Management Spearheads Restructuring

Recent court filings suggest that the new CEO of FTX is spearheading efforts to restructure and potentially relaunch the crypto exchange. CEO John J. Ray III has been tasked with reviewing the term sheet of the restructuring plan, examining its financial structure, assessing recovery options for creditors and users, finalizing materials for 2.0 reboot to provide transparency to public and creditors, as well as reviewing 2.0 bidder list with potential investors for FTX’s relaunch.

Roadmap Going Forward

In an April 12th hearing at a Delaware bankruptcy court, FTX attorneys discussed what management has done to turn things around and unveil their roadmap going forward: “The situation at FTX has stabilized…the dumpster fire is out.“ They also suggested that if approved by court, they could soon relaunch operations and offer exchange services to users once again – this time providing users that initially lost money with a stake in their venture too!

Potential Relaunch Date

At present there is no exact date set for when or even if this relaunch will happen but it seems likely given all of these steps taken by FTX’s new management that it will be happening sooner rather than later!


While only time will tell whether or not this plan comes together – it appears that there are strong efforts being made by both lawyers and executives alike in order make sure everything goes smoothly should this indeed happen soon!